Uranami Onsen

Luxury Onsen/Sento, Izakaya & Ryokan

Uranami Onsen by the Sea is a full board ryokan
with luxury onsen & sento, izakaya, general wellness & saunas.
Mateus Server. Mist || W15//P5

Sunrise to Midnight
(May be staffed by Namazu)

Big One Botanicals Flower Hour: 8p Pacific 1st Fri.
Monthly-Special Event: 8pm 2nd Fri.
Host/ess Club: 8pm Pacific 3rd & 5th Fri.
Uranami-on-Location: 8pm 4th Fri.

Karaoke Night: 6pm 2nd Mon.

Hydaelyn Street Faire (Seasonal): 4pm Dec. 22nd
Mateus, Mist Seagaze Markets w15

Monthly Special Event & On-the-Road
Are typically the 2nd & 4th Friday of the month
Dates may shift

About the Onsen


Uranami Onsen prides itself on being a professional, and traditional onsen while also providing a relaxed environment for our company members and clients. We provide general wellness in the form of our botanicals, shiatsu, acupuncture, divinity, physical healing, mental-clarity, dry & wet saunas, and other forms of body & mind wellness. Entertainment is also provided in our establishment, such as geisha, bards, dancers, tea ceremony, etc.


Server: Mateus || FFXIV Free Company
Location: Mist; Ward 15, Plot 5
IC Linkshell: Uranami Onsen RP
OOC Linkshell: Uranami Onsen
Public Discord: Uranami Onsen Public Discord
Hours: Sunrise til Midnight

Big One Botanicals: 1st Friday 8:00pm Pacific
Special Socials: 2nd Friday 8:00pm Pacific
Host/ess Club: 3rd & 5th Friday 8:00pm Pacific
Uranami-on-Location: 4th Friday 8:00pm Pacific

Karaoke Night: 6pm 2nd Mon.

Hydaelyn Street Faire (Seasonal): 4pm Dec. 22nd
Mateus, Mist Seagaze Markets w15

Hours: Sunrise til Midnight

Pricing: General Public Use: [ReasonableRate]. Unlimited Time. Includes one (1) beverage & one (1) meal.
Private Onsen Use: Discussed individually based on time

No exchange of OOC gil required. If you wish to tip your server you are welcome to do so.


An Onsen or Sento is an outdoor or indoor hotspring often attached to a Ryokan; a bed and breakfast inn. Guests may take use of either public or private bathing within our facility. Onsen are traditionally outdoor hotsprings while Sento are indoor hotsprings. Both are a place of social enjoyment where people come to relax and heal. Please consider & follow all rules when visiting Uranami Onsen. We hope you enjoy your stay and our amenities.

If you have any further questions please contact the individuals below.

Contact: Nohni Vhaze/Udesh Dotharl (Fox#5907) || Ira'to Zeerrha/Kosei Matsuo
Oswin Mercer || Rheya Tahvi || Ryunosuke Akutagawa || Suki Kotaro

Onsen Rules


General Sign In: When attending to Uranami Onsen, please check in with the front desk for instructions. There is no limit of time spent in the public bath. Our resident namazu staff can easily inform you of our rules and assist you where you may need assistance.

Reservation Sign In: Please sign in at the front desk for access to the wellness room or private sento rooms, these may be booked for one (1) hour slots and are first come first serve.

Hours: Sunrise til Midnight. Namazu-staffing during non-Social Hours.

General Public Use: [Reasonable Rate]. Unlimited Time. Includes one (1) beverage & one (1) meal.
Private Onsen Use: Discussed individually based on time.
No exchange of OOC gil required. If you wish to tip your server you are welcome to do so.

Suggested Use: After washing, we first suggest that guests enjoy a time in our hot-wood sauna, applying a salt scrub that is provided to your skin. Once you are finished take some time within our cold spa, enjoying the cold dynamic. After you have relaxed within our cold spa finish off with a long soak in our hot spring!

Bath Temperatures: Our dry Sauna is set at 60°C (140°F). Our Hot baths range from 34°C - 41°C (100-110°F) Our cool/cold baths range from 20°c-30°c (68°-86°F)

Salt: There is salt provided to you to apply to your skin when enjoying our sauna room.

Water & Tea: Water and Green Tea are provided to you at no additional charge. Please enjoy and stay hydrated. Please dispose of cups after use.

Mixed Baths: Nudity is only allowed in private or gendered sento. Uranami Onsen denizens that participate in Mixed Baths absolutely MUST wear bathing suits or yugi; which are garments that are designed for bathing. There is no exception to this rule.

Showering: Before entering an onsen, each guest is expected to wash and thoroughly rinse themselves before joining the hot-baths. There are bathing stations which you may use, including stools, buckets and toiletries. Please feel free to use the amenities. Make sure you completely rid yourself of dirt and soap before entering the spring.

Concerning Swimwear: Swimwear is required during Mixed Bath sessions regardless if in public baths or in private sento rooms. During same-sex bathing; a swimsuit is optional.

Towels: Guests are allowed to bring a small towel with them into the onsen, please only use the provided handtowels. You are welcome to use these as a small cover between the bath and spa if you so choose. Further we encourage spa-goers to place their damp hand towel on their head as it is quite comfortable! Large towels are only used to drape around you from the hanger in the onsen to the changing area.

The Ryokan: If you would like to rent a room in our ryokan (bed & breakfast) please see an attendant before you depart for the evening. Payment must be made up front and does include a breakfast meal.

Smoking: Is only permitted during our "Flower Hour" night and may only be with our product. If you have personal cigarettes, cigars, or fogweed; it must be partaken of in our izakaya at all times.

Sexual Activities: Are absolutely prohibited in any part of Uranami Onsen, private or public. Please be aware this is your only warning. Should any member of staff find a guest participating in such actions you will be asked to leave and will be escorted from the premises. (OOC Note: We are not an ERP guild.)

Safety: Please do not submerse your head into the spa. Horseplay and Running in the bath are absolutely not allowed. Do not splash, disturb other spa-goers or create exceptional noise. Social chatter is welcomed and encouraged! Should you begin to feel dizzy or light headed please consider taking a break. It is easy to get overwhelmed or overheated and black out if you are not used to the warmth and minerals in our baths.


  • Respect the staff

  • Do not be belligerent

  • Pay your tab

  • No fights

  • No slamming tankards on the tables

  • You may be removed for any inappropriate behavior

The Big One Botanicals


Server: Mateus
Location: Mist (Uranami Onsen, 3rd floor) w15/p5
Hours: Flower Hour 1st Friday of the Month: 8:00pm Pacific
Notice: Herb may only be purchased & partaken at the above date & time.

The Big One Botanicals is an Apothecary & Herbery including flowers, edibles, smokeables, a Fogweed Izakaya (bar) & Fogweed-infused Sento (traditional far-eastern-style communal bath).

Please read all rules & etiquette as patrons are expected to understand them in full.

Pricing: Prices are dependent upon strain & amount and may range from reasonable to luxury. Use of Sento: Use of the infused bath is reasonably rated.

No exchange of OOC gil required. If you wish to tip your server you are welcome to do so.


A Note: The Botanicals are only open the 1st Friday of the month and any ordering & purchasing must be done then.

Ordering: When entering the establishment, please take a menu from the counter and take a few moments to consider what you may wish to purchase. Once you have decided please speak with one of our bud-tenders behind the counter.

Purchasing: Once you have informed the bud-tender of your products, please make your way to the register. Once you have paid in gil or koban you may pick up your items or have them brought to you in the lounge downstairs.

Need Assistance?: Our herb-keepers will give suggestions should you need any help! Is it your first time with us? Never-fear, those behind the counter will certainly help you out whether you're a first-time client or a veteran.

If you have any further questions please contact the individuals below.

Contact: Nohni Vhaze/Udesh Dotharl (Fox#5907) || Ira'to Zeerrha/Kosei Matsuo
Oswin Mercer || Rheya Tahvi || Ryunosuke Akutagawa || Suki Kotaro

The Big One Botanicals Stock

During your stay at our establishment, you will find that we have the finest flowers & spirits from Hingashi & Yanxia. Should you have any questions or need any assistance please do not hesitate to speak any of our herb-keeps! Please read our "How to Order" article below before ordering. (The first gallery image).

Cal & Events

Do you have an event you'd need vendors for? Look no further! Here you may find our upcoming events we are vendoring or involving our FC as an organization with! If you would like to see us at one of your events, likewise feel free to shoot a member of staff a message!

Onsen Staff

Uranami Onsen only hires the most dedicated and skilled staff for our establishment. Should you need of any help please contact any of our employees. They are more than happy to assist in any way possible whether it be on a social night or casual visit to the Onsen. Should you require specific assistance from an individual; please see the roster below. We hope you enjoy your stay with us and thank you for your kind patronage.

West Koshu Trading Co.

Who We Are: West Koshu Trading Co.
West Koshu Trading Company is a Hingan & Lominsan crime syndicate (yakuza-inspired) with a strong focus on trade & privateering. We primarily involve ourselves in criminal trade activities in the form of luxury salts, minerals, herb, art, & other lucrative goods, sokaiya (business extortion), tax evasion, racketeering, etc. Should you wish further information concerning our company, please read the West Koshu related tabs. Our syndicate dealings are on the more traditional-Hingan side and we uphold respect and honor. We have a legitimate business front, Uranami Onsen, that works out of the Mist.

Our Story:
West Koshu Trading Company evolved from the Arashi-gumi; an honor-bound yakuza. While the Arashi-gumi is our past; many of our beliefs and goals remain the same. However, now that our trade lines have been secured and the subsequent war extinguished between the Empire and the Far East, we have expanded our horizons from a small yakuza family to a semi-legitimate Lominsan & Hingan trade & privateering syndicate. Our souls still burn bright despite the calm seas and our ire now turns to other threats within our community. Uranami Onsen is and has always been our home.

How Can I Join?:
To join West Koshu Trading Co.; one must apply and interview through our hiring manager Mina (How to Join Tab). Once you have placed your application in, we will look over the application and contact you should it fit our free company.

If I am Approved?:
Once you have been accepted into the free company; you will be expected to undergo mentorship from one of our Kyodai. Mentorship lasts approximately one (1) month, no less. During this time; you will learn what it is to be a Kyodai for West Koshu Trading Co. Once one (1) month has passed; you will be expected to undergo an evaluation conducted by one of our leadership.

West Koshu Affiliates & Subsidiaries

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Ethics & Principles

Respect the Elder-Circle:
Respect the Taisho, Shirei & Juhin. Do not insult or otherwise disrespect your employers’ and their ranking file. Infractions will occur should insult be given. There is an absolute no-tolerance for inappropriate behaviors and consequences will incur.

Respect the Chain-of-Command:
It is expected of all Kyodai and Shatei to follow the chain-of-command. Should you have a concern or grievance, it is expected of you to speak with your immediate Juhin first before going to the Taisho and Shirei.

Respect your Fellow Brothers:
Treat your fellow Kyodai and Shatei with respect not doing so breaks our brotherly bonds. Infighting and disharmony is strictly forbidden and will result in sharp penalties for all those involved. Clients are the lifeblood of the company, do not treat them as lesser. Without our honored patrons; we do not exist.

Insubordination is Not Tolerated.:
Disrespect & insubordination during a mission can cause confusion at the very least or may get someone seriously injured or killed. If you are given an order it is expected to be followed. Any disapproval may be met after a mission-briefing in private. Insubordination is defined as; "Insubordination is the act of willfully disobeying an order of one's superior. Refusing to perform an action that is unethical or illegal is not insubordination; neither is refusing to perform an action that is not within the scope of authority of the person issuing the order."

Absolutely NO Petty Acts of Crime, 'Human' Trafficking, & Wanton Murder:
Do not steal, commit robbery, shoplifting, trespassing, wantonly murder, participate in 'human' trafficking, or harm innocent civilians. We are better than this. Petty crime draws unwanted attention to our family and will not be tolerated.

Indecent Acts & Cowardice:
Honor above all. Do not participate in indecent acts of any kind. Cowardice will be met with severe penalties.
(Do not participate in public erp, gratuitous indecent behaviors, or underage acts with minors. You wear our FC's tag. Do so proudly.)

No Substance Abuse:
Do not partake of hard-substances such as somnus, milkroot, or other highly-addictive items. These substances cloud the mind and endanger our clan, especially on missions.

No Quarter for Malevolence:
Be it man, beast-folk or spirit, there is no succor, no reform for those who are truly lost. A malevolent soul is a dangerous soul. Creatures who are corrupt are not given mercy, save a quick return to the lifestream. Sympathy for such beings endangers our Brothers. We will not tolerate any sort of threat to innocent lives. The unrighteous shall not be suffered to live for harming innocent lives.

Offer Succor to Those in Need:
We are to provide succor & aide to those who are in need. The innocent among both Eorzea and Othard are welcome to find shelter among us.

Uphold Honor Always:
When you become an initiate of our family, you are expected to uphold honor and these rules. You wear our name as your’s, do not sully it. Should you dishonor the company you acknowledge that punishments may ensue.

Infractions may range from a sharp word, demotion to 'namazu-rank', given-tasks, penance in some form or more serious punishments such as privileges removed, firing from the establishment, permanent-exile, or worse, depending on severity.

Syndicate Ranks

Taisho: Kumicho (Cho Kutsuki), General (Udesh Matsuo), Captain (C'sien Zoth). They are the leaders and shareholders of the West Koshu Trading Company. Each individual specializes over a specific section of the company; but are treated as equals as a "council of three" to ensure that no single individual has the complete and utter control of the syndicate. Their tasks involve managing the company and its subsidiaries, high-level decision making, networking, trade, and final business deals.

Shirei: Gashira (Ira'to Zeerrha), Chief Chirurgeon (Kosei Matsuo), Sailing Master (Lakin Chase). Second-in-Command of the West Koshu Trading Company. The Shirei are a governing body just beneath the Taisho, while not upon the same level of Taisho they are responsible for many similar duties of the Taisho but on a lesser-scale. In addition, their roles are specialized much in the same manner of the Taisho and are treated as equals among themselves. Most of the general and physical upkeep of the company is managed by the Sheirei, including but not limited to establishment-upkeep, ship-upkeep, and the health and wellbeing of the members of the free company.

Quartermasters. The Taisho & Shirei's immediate advisers. These individuals act as a council beneath the Taisho & Shirei; ensuring the day to day upkeep within the Clan. Oswin Mercer, Swargeium Irynfarrwyn, Ryu Akutagawa, Tsulyren I-yuurei (OOC) are the current Juhin of the company. The Juhin meet out rules and disciplinary actions. In addition to these tasks; the Juhin lead and organize missions and tasks for the Kyodai & Shatei. These individuals also have an active part within the mentorship of both Kyodai and Shatei; and often perform Kyodai-Assessments. They often act as liaisons between affiliates, subsidiaries and fellow syndicates.

These individuals make up the bulk of the West Koshu Trading Company. Hingan for 'Elder Brother' Kyodai are the primary staff and enforcers of the company. Those within this rank have completed their mentorship. In addition to acting as the main-body of enforcers, they mentor and protect the Shatei during missions. They may lead or head-up specific missions should they be given prior confirmation from the company's management and leaders.

These individuals are the apprentices, interns, and 'Little Brothers' of the syndicate. Those who are within this rank have not completed their "Kyodai Assessment" and must complete it before moving onto the next rank: Kyodai. Their task during this time is to learn what it is to be Kyodai and must complete their practical & written exam. The company's linkpearl will be given upon hiring and the Shatei will be given the opportunity to utilize our communal staff inn or 'rent' a room out of the Onsen.

To become a Shatei; one must apply and interview through our hiring manager Mina (How to Join Tab). Once you submitted your application, we will review it and contact you should it fit our free company. Please Note: We do not hire civilian-only/onsen-exclusive individuals. When joining the Free Company you will be expected to join as a syndicate member. As such, we request that players be absolutely certain that a yakuza-inspired free company suits your character's concept.

Should we accept the application; you will be given the rank of "Shatei" (Little Brother) and expected to undergo mentorship under our Kyodai (Elder Brother).

Becoming Kyodai:
You will learn what it is to be a Kyodai for the West Koshu Trading Company during your probation. Once at least one (1) month has passed (depending upon character-development); you will be expected to undergo an evaluation known as a "Kyodai Exam", conducted by one of our leadership. During your tenure as a Shatei you and your character will be expected to learn what it means to be a member of the West Koshu Trading Co. and all that entails.

This includes, but not is limited to; indepth detailing of what we are, expectations of the brothers in the organization, its history, our code of ethics, combat & defense, accompanying their brothers on various missions, Eorzean & Hingan laws, among other things. Tenure alone does not a Kyodai, make. Once a Shatei is deemed fit by the acting Taisho they may proceed to the next rank. This said a Shatei is expected to perform the following:

The below may be altered or changed by officers at any time.


  • Must be active and have been with the Company for at least one (1) month

  • Abide by the West Koshu Code of Ethics both IC & OOC

  • Pass an In-Character 'practical' and 'written' assessment

  • Must have combat and defense training or are currently learning

  • Must have attended at least two (2) DMed Events

  • Must have attended at least one (1) Social Events

  • Cannot have a current infraction IC or OOC

  • Are requested to assist with event-barks as needed


The Shatei's process to become Kyodai; requires two 'assessments' or 'exams'. It is expected of every potential Shatei to understand what it means to be a productive member by the end of their tenure as Shatei. As such, the Shatei must show a competent proficiency in both a practical & written exam.

Practical Exam
The Shatei 'practical assessment' involves 1 task and is 'public' to the company. Unlike like the written portion; the 'practical exam' is administered by a Kyodai or Juhin chosen by the Taisho. The one administering the test must receive approval of their exam by the Taisho of the family. While each of these are individual; they are required to fill several goal-posts.

The 'practical assessment' must fullfill the following 3 objectives:

1. Combat proficiency
2. Ability to work within a team
3. Ability to follow orders
Additionally, Shatei; May not fail any portion.

Written Exam
1. Eorzean and Hingan rule of the land section.
2. A short, personal 'essay'.

This may include their thoughts upon the Arashi-code and how they incorporate it into their life, what they have learned since joining, and where they see themselves going from their current position, etc.

This exam is prepared and reviewed by the Taisho, and is administered by the Juhin. Tests rotate and change as needed; preventing unfair cheating on exams. ICly they are not open-book exams.

Only those members who meet the previous page's criteria are accepted as Kyodai. The practical assessment is required to be roleplayed through and may not be a short story, unlike the written-portion. As such, it is important to understand that these tasks are individual and may change as the wind seems wont to do.

Regardless of whom creates the assessments; they are approved by the Taisho before they are assigned. These tasks must be completed within one (1) OOC month.

Congrats! You are a Kyodai!

Should your character pass both the practical & written portion of the assessments, you will be granted the title of "Kyodai" and a small party welcoming your character into the the company will be held within our VIP room of the Onsen. Take a load of, drink some sake and party the night away; you've earned it.

"The Night Witch" Air & Aquatic Ship

Welcome aboard "The Night Witch", an air and aquatic privateering ship belonging to the company's Taisho (Captain), C'sien Zoth. First christened and founded by the Heart of the Coeurl and formerly known as "The Night Witch", The Night Witch now flies its colors under the West Koshu Trading Company. Lakin Chase is the acting Shiren (Sailing-Master) of the air/aquatic ship. C'sien's immediate Juhin (Quartermaster) is Oswin Mercer. Kyodai and Shatei who are air and seafairing make up her Crew.

Armaments: Artillery, Magitek & Traditional Cannonery
Build Location: Moraby Drydocks & Cloudtop Dry Docks
Cargo: Luxury Goods & Resources
Class: Flying Clipper
Crew Compliment: Medium
Engines: Air & Magitek
Size: Large

Please Right-Click & Open in New Tab. OOC Explanations located here: >ARTICLES<

The following Articles art to be upheld at all times. Failure to doth so wilt seek to ire the Company's Taisho (Captain), Shiren (Sailing Master), or Juhin (Quartermaster). If't be true hath found guilty that gent shalt suffer the wrath of the Taisho.

ARTICLE I: As hath followed by the Armada of Limsa Lominsa; Pirating of the Alliance is strictly prohibited. The Eorzean Alliance is to be protected and the laws of the Alliance to be upheld at all times. This is our home; respect it. Any and all Imperial Magitek Weaponry must be surrendered unto the Lominsan Admiral, Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn after point of seisure of such goods. This is not limited to explosives, experimental devices, magitek weaponry, etcetera.

ARTICLE II: The Chain-of-Command is as follows:
Taisho (Captain)>Shiren (Sailing Master)>Juhin (Quartermaster).

Should a member of the Crew has't a grievance or concern; tis requested that the individual address the Quartermaster first ere all others. Members of the Crew art welcome to come and wend as those gents please. Those gents art not beholden to their station outside of battle. The Night Witch doest not hold our Crew captive and may depart should those gents see fit.

ARTICLE III: The theft of provisions or items from fellow pirates whether the Alliance or of The Night Witch wilt not be tolerated. Should a those gents hath found guilty of theft from his fellows; punishment wilt be immediately sought from the Taisho (Captain), Shiren (Sailing Master), or Juhin (Quartermaster).

ARTICLE IV: Partaking of drink is accepted- except during quiver duty or engagements. Gambling for gil while on the ship is prohibited, but is acceptable during shore-leave. Infractions of these rules wilt suffer the punishment of the Taisho (Captain), Shiren (Sailing Master), or Juhin (Quartermaster).

ARTICLE V: Lights art to be snuffed after nine pm.

ARTICLE VI: Each gent is responsible for the upkeep of their own weapons. Blades art to be sharp and pistols to be primed.

ARTICLE VII: Lovers, not of the Crew, art not allowed on-board the ship once it hath left port. Seduction, rape, slavery and servitude art not acceptable. Should a sir be hath found guilty of such violence that gent shalt be setteth a-sea or silenced outright.

ARTICLE VIII: No children art allowed on deck of The Night Witch. Such rules exist for the safety of the innocent and to protect the wee lads and lasses.

ARTICLE IX: Doth not abandon thy station, bunk, or the Crew during an engagement. Should a sir be hath found guilty of such cowardice that gent shalt be dealt with in one of three ways: Relinquishment unto the Maelstrom, Maroonment, or to be hath left unto the Sea.

ARTICLE X: Physical fights between Crewmates is not tolerated on deck or within the tavern. Should a ser has't an issue with a fellow it must be declared and arbitrated by one of the Taisho (Captain), Shiren (Sailing Master), or Juhin (Quartermaster) on dry land. Tis requested that such matters be handled with fisticuffs. However, pistols and swords art acceptable so as long as such battles art not to the death. Conditions of the square wilt be at the decision of the Juhin (Quartermaster). Once a square hath been finished all grudges art to be released and the situation is to be closed.

ARTICLE XI: Every sir shalt obey civil Command. The Taisho (Captain) shalt has't Two Full Share of all prizes. The Shiren (Sailing Master) & Juhin (Quatermaster) shalt has't One Share and a Half. Other Officers shalt has't One Share and a Quarter. The Crew shalt has't One Share. That gent shalt has't an equal title to the flush provisions or stout liquors at any time seized, and shalt use those folk at pleasure unless a scarcity make it necessary for the common good.

ARTICLE XII: Bards and performers shalt has't 7th day respite.

ARTICLE XII: Valorous Quarters art to be given when craved. Every sir is to be provided at least one shift of garment.

ARTICLE XIV: No ser shalt smoke in the hold, powder room, or barracks of The Night Witch without a cap to his pipe, nor may that gent hold a candle without a shield.

FC Rules

Please abide all rules both in-character and out-of-character. Should your character neglect to follow our posted rules; they may be requested to leave the establishment. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding!


• Abide by FFXIV/Square Enix’s TOS.

• Do not harass other people or cause OOC-Drama.

• Discussions of IRL politics, religion, socio-politics are frowned upon in FC-Chat. We do not tolerate any sort of bigotry. Hateful behavior, bigotry, calls for violence, etc. are taken seriously and will be grounds for removal.

• Follow & read the In-Character rules. If you wish to join the FC you must read & fill out our “How to Join” section.

• West Koshu Trading Co. is a Hingan & Lominsan crime syndicate (yakuza-inspired) with a strong focus on trade & privateering. We have a legitimate business front, Uranami Onsen, that works out of MIST; w15/p5. Please note we are a "Chaotic-Neutral" FC and will not tolerate outright-villainous behaviors. If your character is a lawful-aligned character, you may not find what you are looking for with us, apologies in advance.

• Uranami Onsen is staffed by members of West Koshu Trading Co. and currently we are not hiring for stand-alone Onsen-exclusive positions like attendants or hosts. ie. Your character must be a member of the syndicate. However, members of West Koshu may work as hosts & servers during Host-Club hours. We do not PVP/target players or player-run FCs.

•We do hire part-time staff, however those who work for us part time are not required to be members of the syndicate. This allows players who are interested in helping staff the onsen during socials and community events, to do so. We also do allow for “associates” of the company to join as an auxiliary role, those who are “Fuku” rank are welcome to participate within DMed events. Part-time staff still need to apply through our "How to Join" tab.

Please Note: For social events, uniforms are required and must be Hingan-style void blue or whatever themed garb there is for the event. Also, we request that part-time staff follow our base rules!

• An OOC one (1) Month Probation & an IC Practical-Mission-Exam is required for full membership. "Kyodai Exams" are given after an unspecified amount of time. A character may take a month or even three, depending upon character development. Initial application and interviews are done via form with "Mina" our NPC Hiring Manager.

• To become a Kyodai (Elder Brother) for the West Koshu Trading Co., requires a mission-based test. This practical-exam is given after our officer-body has cleared you for probation. Probation will be discussed on an individual one-to-one level talk with one of our "Juhin" (Quartermasters/Officers).

• When applying for a position, please note that your character may NOT be assigned to their preferred role during Social Hours. This depends upon the amount of players able to staff an event. ie. If your character is security they may be placed on wait staff if there are not enough characters that evening or they may be placed on wait staff if there are too many security members that evening and not enough wait staff.

• IRL & related matters always come first. We understand that IRL may happen and we must reiterate the importance of an individual's health. IRL & a person's health must come first before the free company's activity. Meaning; if you have to take breaks or a hiatus we do not have qualms with this. We are all busy adults (as an 18+ FC, not erp), so please understand that people have lives beyond the game.

• Be an active and pro-active member. Be a team player. FC Leaders cannot hand-hold people through their roleplay. Put in that which you wish to be returned.

• Activity & DMed Event Attendance is required within this Free Company. While we are very much an IRL-First FC, we have dedicated our time and support to ensure that the FC remains a place for our members to explore their characters. Members must attend 2 General Events a month. This means, a player must make 2 DMed Events or 2 Social Events, or 1 DMed Event & 1 Social Event to remain an "active" member.

• If a player has gone inactive for 1 month without informing officers they will be placed on hiatus. If a player has gone inactive for 3 months, they will be dismissed from the company, unless prior arrangements were made. This includes alts.

• We are a lore-plausible FC. We do not accept the following: Ascians, Evil-Aligned Individuals, Half Beast-folk, SinEaters, Voidsent, etc. At this time we are NOT taking characters from the First nor do we accept shard-travel. This may change in the future depending on the path the expacs take us.

• Understand that IC actions receive IC consequences. Please remember should your character not follow the in-character rules; your character will suffer appropriate consequences.

• If you have a concern or grievance please go through the Officers first before broaching the FC-Lead. Officers are here to assist the Lead in various matters; including the above.

• These rules may be appended or changed at any time.


• Please understand that IC actions receive IC consequences. ie. If your character is belligerent; they will likely be removed from the estate; please do not take this personal OOCly. Do not blur IC/OOC lines. Do not godmod/powerplay. Do not make other people uncomfortable, ie. if someone says “stop” oocly- then please abide by their wishes. We are absolutely NOT an ERP Company, we do not offer those sorts of services here.

• If you need further explanation of the general etiquette of rp please check out this informative blog: Rules of Roleplay


• We have four DMed events per month. We request that players try to make at least two those events per month. However, IRL always comes first and we ask that players not exhaust themselves. Should you need to take a hiatus from DMed events, please contact a member of the officer team.

• We use a light dice system & character sheet for our DMed events. These are required to participate in the DMed events. It is a relatively easy system to use and involves a proficient skill, skilled, and weakness attribute set. For more information feel free to check out our documents in the link below.
Heart of the Dice

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Mist: Ward 15, Plot 5
La Noscea

FC Lead: Fox#5907 (discord)
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Co-Lead: Ira'to Zeerrha/Kosei Matsuo
OFC: Oswin Mercer
OFC: Rheya Tahvi
OFC: Ryunosuke Akutagawa
OFC: Suki Kotaro

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Articles Explained

Here you will find the extensive OOC explanation of the IC articles of Captain C'sien Zoth's ship "The Night Witch".
Thank you for taking the time to read this, should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact a company officer.

ARTICLE I: This is the Lominsan Pirating Code; Absolutely NO pirating of the Alliance (Limsa, Ul'dah, Gridania, Ishgard, etc). Further, any and all Imperial Magitek weaponry is to be surrendered unto the Lominsan Admiral after point of seizure of said goods.

ARTICLE II: This encompasses the Chain of Command on The Night Witch. While the Captain is not elected the Crew may depart as seen fit when not in the middle of battle. The Chain of Command is as follows: Taisho (Captain) > Shiren (Sailing Master) > Juhin (Quartermaster). Should you have a grievance or concern it would be requested to see to Juhin (Quartermaster) first before all others.

ARTICLE III: Theft of provisions or items from fellow pirates whether Lominsan or of The Night Witch will not be tolerated. Should an individual be found guilty of theft from his fellows; punishment will be immediately seen to. This can be anything from swabbing the deck (if a minor infraction) to maroon'ment to relinquishment to the Maelstrom or Sekiseigumi, or very possibly left to the sea's whim.

ARTICLE IV: Gambling for gil while on the ship is prohibited. This is to stave off possible fights and arguments among the Crew should something go awry. While one is on shore-leave it is up to the individual should they wish to gamble and it will not be held against him. Drinking while acceptable on shore-leave or off duty; will not be permitted during active duty or during engagement. Should a member of the crew be found drunk during an engagement he shall suffer the punishment of the Taisho (Captain), Shiren (Sailing Master), or Juhin (Quartermaster).

ARTICLE V: Lights are to be snuffed out after 9pm. There are various reasons for this; one is a fire-hazard of open lanterns and the possibility of an individual falling asleep while leaving an oil burner on is high. The Second is, lights can be seen for yalms on end and could alert an enemy. Third; privateers need their sleep as they are often awake at early morning hours to tend to the sails. Should a privateer wish to drink after hours they must do so on the deck without light.

ARTICLE VI: Each privateer is responsible for the upkeep of their own weapons. To be caught unawares and have a damaged weapon places not only the individual in danger but the Crew as well. One must be prepared for what may come on the high seas.

ARTICLE VII: "Dates" (female, male, or otherwise) are not allowed on-board the ship once it has left the port. We aren't a dating service! But most of all this is to prevent stow-aways and to ensure the safety of the innocent. Privateers live dangerous lives and we shouldn't have to be responsible for the protection of a maid or a lad who may be on-board. Seduction and rape are below a pirate, we are an honorable sort and we will not be brought to such level. This goes for slavery or servitude as well. Privateers be free! Freedom is the most important thing to a privateer, so thus it is not tolerated. In a traditional privateer crew; the one who is responsible is usually left to the sea or outright killed.

ARTICLE VIII: No children are allowed on deck of The Night Witch. Without going into a long winded explanation; The Night Witch is a warship, plain and simple. It's far too dangerous.

ARTICLE IX: This is a penalty of desertion. It is usually very severe. To abandon your station, bunk or Crew during engagement is not acceptable. Not only is it cowardly it places the entire Crew in danger. With this said; the punishment will likely end in one of the three: Relinquishment to the Maelstrom or Sekiseigumi, maroonment, or Left to the Sea (death).

ARTICLE X: Physical fighting between Crew mates is not tolerated on-ship. Should you have an issue with a fellow it must be declared and moderated by one of the Juhin (Quartermasters) on dry land. It is preferred to handle the matter with fisticuffs; however pistols and swords are acceptable as long as such blows are not vital. Consider this matter to be something akin to that of sparring. Once the spar/fight is finished grudges are not to be held and the situation is to be considered closed.

ARTICLE XI: This covers shares of loot and provisions.

ARTICLE XII: Musicians and performers have the 7th day off of the week so they are not providing entertainment all the time. Even bards need a break!

ARTICLE XII: Good Quarters are to be given when craved. To explain this; should a person need shelter we will not deny them, usually this means a temporary safehouse. Concerning children: Any child that is found on a mission must be immediately delivered to the nearest port. Every member of the Crew is allowed at least one uniform.

ARTICLE XIV: No man shall smoke in the hold (cargo), powder room, or barracks of the ship without a cap to his pipe, nor may they hold a candle without a shield. Simply put this is fire-safety and prevention of creating a fire on-board.